Campo di fagiolini al tramonto

High standards of quality

Our certifications guarantee the traceability and safety of our products.

We’re committed to sustainable agriculture, by implementing every health and hygiene regulations in order to offer products of the highest quality.

Certificazione Kosher logo

Kosher Certification

Kosher is a global standard that certifies the production of food that is fit for consumption and conforms to Jewish food standards.

CSQA logo

CSQA supply chain

CSQA certification is a guarantee of product control and traceability throughout the supply chain, and hygiene and health requirements are also guaranteed at all stages of production.

QC (qualità controllata) Emilia Romagna logo

QC Emilia Romagna

QC certification was awarded to us for our production of French beans in compliance with integrated production regulations.

qualita vegetariana logo certificazione vegana

Vegetarian and vegan quality

The first national certification of vegetarian and vegan products, supporting the competitiveness of the companies and supply chain of the vegetarian and vegan market.

Logo BIO


The ICEA BIO certification, calls for production to comply with certain requirements that have a particular focus on the environment and the protection of biodiversity.

BRC Food Certificated logo

BRC Food

BRC FOOD certification is the global standard for food safety and guarantees the quality of branded products.

IFS Food logo

IFS Food

The purpose of IFS is to aid in the effective selection of suppliers of supermarket branded food, based on their ability to provide safe and compliant products.

Global G.A.P. logo

Global G.A.P.

Global standard on good agricultural practices that ensures sustainable farming and food safety on the farm.

CSQA logo

CSQA – UNI EN ISO 22005:2008

ISO 22005 transposes the Italian standards UNI 10939:01 relating to “Traceability system in the agri-food chain” and UNI 11020:02 on “Traceability system in agri-food companies“.

CSQA logo

CSQA – French Bean

This certification guarantees our flagship product: French beans grown in accord with integrated pest control criteria with pesticide residues below the limit of analytical quantification (0.01 ppm).

5 colori benessere

5 of wellbeing

The ‘5 colours of well-being’ certification enables the company to guarantee the quality, origin and traceability of the vegetables we produce.