Supply chain

We guarantee reliability and traceability through healthy and controlled production processes.
Raccolta meccanizzata fagiolini

From the field to the table

Riverfrut develops processes with the aim of ensuring the highest quality standards.

Each and every production phase undergoes accurate controls, which allow us to offer healthy and genuine aliments.

Monitoring and traceability 

Riverfrut’s product quality is guaranteed during every phase of the process:
from the monitoring of agronomic characteristics of cultivated fields, the harvesting and packing of vegetables, to the distribution of the aliments.
Each step follows a strict control system and rigorous production specifications, applied with such care to make the company deserving of multiple certifications and awards.

Freshness, traceability, respect for the environment: these are the values guiding our daily actions.

Piante di fagiolini e raccolta meccanizzata pomodori

The stages of our supply chain

Fase di raccolta


Raccolta meccanizzata dei fagiolini

Our passion for farming the land has been passed on from generation to generation for over 50 years. The area under cultivation by the supply chain is about 800 ha, most of which is dedicated to French beans and tomatoes, to which cauliflower, broccoli and courgettes have been added.

We use modern, state-of-the-art technologies to provide high quality products while retaining their naturalness.

Campo di fagiolini

For us, the certainty of quality begins from the land and reaches the table: we accurately select our products, grown with care and dedication.

Since 2020, the summer production of French beans has been certified zero residue: in addition to complying with integrated pest management regulations, we have implemented processes to guarantee the healthiness, ensuring that there are no pesticide residues above the detection threshold.

Fase di selezione del prodotto


Fase di conferzionamento del prodotto


confezionamento fagiolini riverfrut

We pay particular attention to packaging, which is why we have made a really environmentally-friendly choice by using 100% recyclable packaging.

controlli e selezione fagiolini riverfrut

We invest in food safety, carrying out numerous checks at all stages of production.

Fase di controllo qualità


Fase di trasporto dei prodotti


Bilico prodotti Riverfrut

The company has a large fleet of vehicles that guarantees immediate and safe transportation of the goods within a short time of packaging and production. This ensures that the aliments that we offer are always of the highest quality.

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