Discover the entire Riverfrut and Cottintavola range

Riverfrut offers a range of the highest quality in which freshness and goodness are paramount. Our fresh vegetables are completely free from colourings, additives and preservatives and include: green, yellow and purple beans, tomatoes, flat beans, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and courgettes. The company then decided to expand its production to include not only fresh products, but also pre-cooked products, plant based burgers and mashed vegetable. Riverfrut markets these types of products under its Cottintavola brand.

Pure Bio Riverfrut

Organic vegetable purées

The organic vegetable purées are 100% plant based, are dairy-free and contain only organically grown vegetables. They contain no gluten, preservatives or flavourings.

Subito pronti Rivefrut

Subito Pronti

Riverfrut and Cottintavola’s Subito Pronti line is MAP packaged, which gives the product a more wholesome, crafted character while retaining its quality and organoleptic properties.


V Gamma Riverfrut: prodotti alla griglia e al vapore

Pre-cooked range

Our pre-cooked range, created under the Cottintavola brand, consists of grilled and steamed vegetables that retain the characteristics of fresh vegetables, being completely free from additives and preservatives.


Burger vegetali Rivefrut

Burgers with vegetables

Our Cottintavola branded burgers are totally plant based, Vegan certified, and are gluten and preservative free. They are also low in fat and therefore suitable for any diet. The line consists of four items.

Zuppe e minestroni della Gamma Riverfrut

The soups

Our soups are 100 % vegetable, preservative-free and dairy-free. They are well balanced and therefore suitable for all diets.

Peperonata Riverfrut contorno

The side dishes

The Riverfrut and Cottintavola range of side dishes consists of totally vegetable products, free from preservatives or glutamate.

Vellutate Riverfrut

The creams

Our creams are smooth and delicate with a soothing taste. There are four items available, none of which contains gluten or preservatives and all of which are 100% vegetable.


Puree vegetali Riverfrut

Products for the industry

Riverfrut processes different types of vegetables into vegetable purées, retaining all the nutritional properties of the produce. Mashing and packaging the vegetables is carried out using aseptic technology.

Linea catering Riverfrut

Catering line

Our catering line includes all the products of the pre-cooked range, which are available in 1 and 4 kg formats. This line is intended for professionals in the Food Service sector and the food industry.

Fresh produce

Over the years Riverfrut has favoured fresh produce of the highest quality, and we have made a name for ourselves in particular by producing fresh French beans, tomatoes, yellow and purple beans, green flat beans, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and courgettes. All these products are sold either loose or prepacked.

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