French beans

Excellence certified “zero residue”
Società agricola Riverfrut

Core business

Guaranteed all year, the production of our French beans occurs in two ways: directly and indirectly.

The first takes place from June to October in the fields next to our farm; the second during winter.

Since the late Nineties, we have made significant investments to find production partners in North Africa (especially in Egypt, Morocco and Senegal), to always ensure excellent products.

Production zones in Italy

Fresh French beans require a temperature of between 18 and 26 degrees to grow, so the Italian climate is ideal for most of the year.

Production zones outside Italy

The Mediterranean coast of North Africa enjoys a temperature which is suited to the development of French beans in the remaining months of the year; consequently, as anticipated, we are taking action to identify production partners in that geographical area.



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Produzione fagiolini Riverfrut

Varieties of French beans

Loose, in vert-bag, trimmed, whole and flat beans in packaging.

We grow various types of French beans, available in packaging of various sizes and fully recyclable.