Fresh produce

Guaranteed production all year round. Our French beans are produced in two ways: directly and indirectly. From June to October, in fact, we grow French beans in the fields adjacent to our farm, while in the winter period we use indirect production.

Since the late nineties we have invested in finding production partners in North Africa in places such as Egypt and Morocco in order to guarantee products of excellence all year round.

Fagiolini sfusi freschi

Loose French Beans

3/5/7 kg plastic crates
4,5 kg cartons


Fagiolini vert-bag

French Bean vert-bag

Bags of 500g, 750g, 1 kg

Fagiolini interi confezionati

Pre-packed whole French Beans

Trays of 350g or 400g or 500g

Fagioli piattoni confezionati

Pre-packed flat beans

Trays of 500 g or 350 g

Patatine rosse varietà Cherie

“Cherie” variety red potatoes

Trays of 500 g

Fagiolini spuntati

Trimmed French beans

Trays of 250 g, 300 g or 350 g