Pre-cooked range

Under its Cottintavola brand, Riverfrut processes vegetables into the products of its pre-cooked range.


The pre-cooked range includes vegetables that are easy and quick to prepare because they are already cooked and packaged and are ready to eat. All the produce is selected fresh, cleaned, washed and prepared for packaging in containers in which, using a vacuum process, all their organoleptic properties are retained and food safety is guaranteed.


There are two methods for preparing the pre-cooked range: grilling and steaming.
Steaming: this is extremely healthy and light as the substances in the food, the mineral salts and vitamins, are not lost.
Grilling: this gives the food a strong and tasty flavour while preserving all its nutritional characteristics.


The quality of our products is always high thanks to vacuum packing, which guarantees nutritional values very similar to those of fresh produce.
The products of the pre-cooked range have a shelf life of about 45 days.
As mentioned before, the pre-cooked range products are free from preservatives, colourings and seasonings; cooking and vacuum packing inhibit oxidation and degradation.
The trays used for the packaging of pre-cooked range products are made of a material that allows you to heat the product directly in the microwave. Ideal for creating tasty, wholesome dishes at the drop of a hat.