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We always work with care and attention to offer you fresh, quality products
Società agricola Riverfrut

A farming company since 1980

Our farming company was founded in Piacenza more than fifty years ago, the brainchild of two brothers, Angelo and Emilio Bertuzzi, who are still active in the company today.

Riverfrut produces and distributes both fresh and semi-processed vegetables, including vegetable soups, creams and burgers.

Tradition and care for the land

Today, more than ever, the Riverfrut brand is synonymous in the industry with tradition, quality and innovation.

In the green countryside of Emilia, a region renowned for its agricultural production and good food, we found the perfect land for our activities.

Knowing the land, respecting the environment and aiming for the best products – it’s what we strive to do every day. We work with care and commitment to bring healthy, wholesome products to your table.

Quality and innovation

Since 2000, we have been offering grilled and steamed vegetables alongside our traditional fresh vegetable produce. The pre-cooked range meets the demands of modern-day living: eating well without wasting time and, above all, without sacrificing the taste for the good things of life.

The decision to focus on quality, freshness and product control has contributed to the company’s success.

La nostra società
Filiera riverfrut: fasi di raccolta nl campo e di selezione dei fagiolini

Sustainable farming

For over 50 years we have chosen a type of agriculture that takes care of the planet and its inhabitants. In fact, all our crops are focussed on the well-being of the environment through sustainable cultivation, just as all our products are free from additives, oils and preservatives in order to be natural and to show the utmost respect for the land and the people who work it. Our products are processed using techniques that preserve the nutritional and organoleptic properties while retaining all the characteristics of the raw materials used, as if they had been freshly processed.

The way we operate shows that we value the land that is our home, always respecting traditions.

The supply chain

Our supply chain chooses the fields, the people and the ingredients, taking care of our project from the land to the table: that’s why we choose to innovate, always.

The greatest flexibility in every process and competitiveness in the market: two other fixed objectives, that make our company stand out both at home and abroad.

Mission and vision

We have always been committed to the fundamental concepts that guide us in our work every day: quality, practicality and safety. All our products aim to satisfy the demands of discerning, well-informed consumers who always select the best products for their well-being.

We also want to make our supply chain socially and financially sustainable, and we strive every day to ensure its safety and security.

For us, innovation means finding new solutions, both in production and in the environmental arena.

Our supply chain is focussed on sustainability and environmental protection, which is why we have decided to reduce the plastic in some of our packs by 75% by using 100% recyclable packaging.

Our strenghts



We farm and produce using modern sustainable farming techniques.

All our products, both fresh and Cottintavola, are free from oils, additives and preservatives, are totally vegetable and some of them come from organic farming, and have obtained a variety of certifications.

We strive every day to offer you taste according to nature.



Riverfrut pays particular attention to innovation and research and continues to place overall quality as its main objective and way of working.

In order to encourage innovation, we have divided our crops and products into two ranges.

Fresh produce: French beans, flat beans, red potatoes.

The Cottintavola range: pre-cooked range of soups, burgers, creams and vegetables.



Our products are the result of a virtuous production process that has enabled us to achieve customer satisfaction while also guaranteeing excellent results in terms of products.

The production technologies, ethical choices and human resources employed, as well as the logistics of the system, aim to guarantee care and great attention to quality.



Each of our products is constantly monitored and controlled throughout the production process to ensure traceability.